B.A. in Film and Video

The Film and Video major is devoted to the interdisciplinary study of film, television, and new media. Courses focus on the histories and theories of cinematic, electronic, and digital media in addition to providing the opportunity for hands-on experience in film/media production. Students work closely with faculty members to devise an optimum program of study integrating creative and collaborative thinking. This liberal arts approach to film, television, and new media provides the student with the necessary skills and knowledge to adapt to the changing media environment of the 21st century.

Major Eligibility Requirements

Effective fall semester 2013, to be eligible for the Film and Video major and to enroll in 3000-4000 level Film and Video courses (i.e., FILM courses), students must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Complete all courses with the FILM prefix that are in Film and Video’s Area F (with a minimum grade of “C”) and
  • Earn a 2.5 grade-point average in all Area F FILM courses. This GPA will be calculated based on the first attempt at these FILM courses at Georgia State University. WFs counts as an attempt. Transfer students who transfer these course(s) into Georgia State, may use the grades in the transferred course(s) to calculate the GPA or they may attempt them once at Georgia State.

Once a student is eligible to take 3000-4000 Film and Video courses, they remain eligible to take them as long as they are eligible to enroll at Georgia State University.

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Additional Information

College and University Degree Requirements
In addition to the Major Eligibility Requirements for Film and Video, students must fulfill the College of Arts and Sciences Degree Requirements (see section 3030) and the University Degree Requirements (see section 1400).
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