Christopher Toula Successfully Defends PhD Dissertation Prospectus

Posted On September 8, 2015
Categories Graduate Program

Christopher M. Toula recently defended his doctoral dissertation prospectus, provisionally entitled Sites of Contestation in the Global Media: New International Broadcasters and the Global Economy. Christopher’s project is one of the first comparative case studies of four state funded, English language, television international broadcasters: Russia Today, Al-Jazeera English, China Central Television, and Deutsche Welle. His dissertation uses a mixed methodological approach to examine how each broadcaster covers elite and non-elite economic news, a particularly timely subject given recent upheavals in the global economy. His dissertation project is supported by three department of communication faculty members, including his committee chair, Dr. Amelia Arsenault, and his committee members, Dr. Michael Bruner, Dr. Shawn Powers. Dr. Alexa Robertson, a Professor of Media and Communication studies at the University of Stockholm in Sweden, serves as his outside reader.