Professor Ethan Tussey talks Pokemon GO in a AJC article

Posted On August 17, 2016
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Professor Tussey is featured in  an AJC article “‘Pokemon Go’: a new way for parents to bond with their teenage children“,which  considers the augmented reality game Pokemon Go in relation to family dynamics. Tussey explains to the author of the piece that Pokemon Go is a part of the “procrastination economy” and must be understood as an enhancement of existing social dynamics, for example, a family taking an evening walk.  Also  suggesting  that the future popularity of the game would be dependent on upgrades that allow it to connect to other social dynamics like neighborhood pride.
Professor Ethan Tussey’s forthcoming book project The Procrastination Economy (NYU Press)  describes the intersection of mobile devices, the entertainment industries, and connected audiences as creating a new “procrastination economy” of media culture. Film and television studios, mobile carriers, and software developers use this procrastination economy to monetize the in-between moments of the workday. While mobile devices have become essential to the entertainment industries as vehicles of promotion, branding, distribution, and engagement, audiences use smartphones, tablets, laptops, and wearable technology to wield the culture and conversation of the procrastination economy as a tool for navigating public space.