Film & Theatre Programs Get New Home

Posted On July 3, 2017
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Effective as of July 1, 2017, the Film & Video and Theatre programs will no longer be offered within the department of Communication; Rather, they will exist as a standalone entity within the new College of the Arts as the School of Film, Media, & Theatre. With the establishment of this new School, the university proudly offers the largest film and media program in Atlanta. Their mission denotes their dedication to “educating the next generation of critically aware media makers, scholars, theatre practitioners and citizens”.

Last year, Georgia State announced the initiation of the new College of the Arts as a fulfillment of the university’s 2011 strategic plan. The college was designed to highlight the arts and media, while responding to the changing and specific needs of artists today. The College of the Arts brings together a group of faculty and students with common research and creative interests, and responds to the rapid growth of the university as well as the film & entertainment industry within the local region. Among the many changes taking place as a result, was the establishment of the School of Film, Media, & Theatre.

The department of Communication is excited for the growing Film & video and Theatre programs. With great anticipation of future collaborative initiatives, we wish the new School and the new College much success!

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School of Film, Media & Theatre