China’s Lessons for Fighting Fake News

Posted On September 7, 2018
Categories Faculty News, News, Research

Dr. Maria Repnikova weighs in on what Washington should–and shouldn’t–learn from Bejing’s example in her most recently published article.

In the face of overwhelming evidence that fake news has permeated our newsfeeds, politics, and lives, observers, politicians, and the public seem to have hit on more and better government regulations of media companies and tech giants as the solution for this post-truth era…


Dr. Maria Repnikova is an Assistant Professor here in the Communication department at Georgia State University, and is a scholar of global communication, with a comparative focus on China and Russia. Her research examines the processes of political resistance and persuasion in illiberal political contexts, drawing on ethnographic research approaches and extensive time in the field. Maria holds a doctorate from the University of Oxford, where she was a Rhodes Scholar. She speaks fluent Mandarin, Russian and Spanish.