Atlanta: A Media Capital

Downtown DirectionThe same railroads that created Atlanta also made it a media capital. Journalists traveled on the trains to report their stories, and in turn the trains delivered newspapers statewide. Today, of course, Atlanta is known worldwide for its media companies, including CNN, Cox Enterprises (parent company of the Atlanta Journal Constitution and WSB-TV), and a wide range of radio, PR, and ethic media.

With more than 40,000 women and men in the metro-Atlanta currently employed in the region’s mass communication industries, the university’s location in downtown Atlanta could not be more ideal for undertaking studies in communication. GSU is located within ten minutes of major communication centers such as CNN, Turner, Cox Enterprises, Clear Channel, Georgia Public Broadcasting, the city’s major TV news, radio outlets and public relations firms, and the region’s thriving production and post-production companies. The Martin Luther King Center for Non-Violent Social Change and the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library are also nearby. Departmental partnerships with the Atlanta Film Festival, the Atlanta Press Club, CNN, and dozens of media companies that provide GSU students with internships, provide further opportunities for professional networking and career advancement.

Thank you for taking the time to fully explore the opportunities that await you at Georgia State University. Please reach out if you want to learn more about these programs, or would like to visit the department or the university. Most of all, we invite you to join us in one of the world’s true communication capitals!