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Dept of Communication
The Main Offices of the Department of Communication are physically located on the 8th floor of Twenty Five Park Place (25PP), a Georgia State University office building that overlooks Woodruff Park and is situated on Park Place between Auburn and Edgewood Avenues. The main office is the physical location for departmental, business, technology support, scheduling (facilities and courses) and human resources operations. Faculty and staff mailboxes are also located on the 8th floor of 25PP.
The department's main and advisement offices are open for business M-F, 8:15am - 5:15pm, except for the major national holidays and for a two week break separating the fall and spring semesters. Individual faculty members hold specified weekly office hours; if you need information about a particular instructor’s availability, please call the main departmental office for hours or directly email the professor to arrange an appointment.
Main Office: 404-413-5600
Fax: 404-413-5634 (Please address faxes to a specific person.)
Department Administrators:
Greg Lisby (Chair): 404-413-5639
Doug Barthlow (Director, Undergraduate Studies): 404-413-5651
Rasha Ramzy (Director, Undergraduate Studies): 404-413-5624
Carrie Freeman (Director, Graduate Studies): 404-413-5736
Donna Krache (Associate Graduate Director, Digital Media Strategies): 404-413-5599
Key Production Facilities:
Film Equipment Checkout: 106 Langdale (formerly General Classroom Building)
Television Studio: 115 Langdale
Postproduction Labs: 109 and 119 Langdale

Journalism Writing Center: 832 25PP
Journalism Writing Labs: 105 Langdale and 309 Classroom South

Mailing Address for Standard USPS Delivery:
Department of Communication
Georgia State University
P.O. Box 5060
Atlanta, GA, 30302-5060

Mailing Address for Federal Express, UPS, and Other Ground Courier Delivery:
Department of Communication
800 Twenty Five Park Place NE
Georgia State University
Atlanta, GA, 30303

The closest MARTA station, which is located less than two short blocks from 25PP, is the Five Points Station.

A number of pay parking lots are situated near Twenty Five Park Place, including several that also serve Underground Atlanta. The closest is located at the intersection of Decatur and Central Avenues.