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The intellectual and creative energies activated by a rich range of activity make the Department of Communication an ideal place to prepare for a professional career in communication or education and to undertake research that makes a difference. Students are mentored by a highly acclaimed and passionate faculty that includes Emmy- and Sundance-award winning media makers and accomplished and prolific scholars, and accomplish this work in state of the art laboratories and production facilities.

Program Undergraduate Graduate
Communication -- M.A., Ph.D.
Film & Video B.A., minor --
Journalism B.A., minor --
Speech B.A., minor --
Theatre B.I.S., minor --

Academic Year 2011-2012 2012-2013 2013-2014
Enrollment by Major 4712 4663 4949
Graduation by Major & Degree 451 470 432

Tenured & Tenure Track Faculty 45
Visiting & Part-Time Instructors 21
Professors of Practice   3
Staff 12