Forms and Policies

Undergraduate Admissions, Applications, and Deadlines: Undergraduate Admissions Guide
Graduate Studies Admissions, Applications, and Deadlines: Graduate Admissions Guide

Travel & Reimbursement Forms (Students)

Payment Request Form

Travel Authorization (Student)

In-State Travel Expense Statement (w/ instruction guide)

Out-of-state Travel Expense Statement (w/ instruction guide)


Registration, Overflows, Authorizations, Restrictions, Add/Drop Classes, and Auditing:
Registration Guide

Organize an Independent Study

Undergraduate- Special Topics/Projects Form:(For students seeking 3 credit hours of independent study)

Application for Undergraduate Special Topics for Projects Course

Undergraduate- Directed Readings 4999 Form:(Restricted to graduating seniors seeking 1, 2, or 4 credit hours. Please see Special Topics/Projects Form for 3 credit hour classes.)
Directed Readings 4999 Form

Graduate- Special Project FormComm 6910 and Comm 8980 Graduate Special Projects Application

Academic Guides

Academic Honesty: 2014-2015 Academic Honesty Guide

Academic Appeals: Academic Appeal Guide