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Rasha Ramzy

Lecturer, Senior    Honors Coordinator    

Ph.D., Georgia State University


Communication and Diversity
Communication and Conflict
Intercultural Communication


Rasha Ramzy is a Senior Lecturer in Communication, with teaching emphasis in speech communication at Georgia State University.

Ramzy’s research uses a critical approach to rhetoric to establish how communication is used to create an ‘other’, articulate difference, and manifest power. Her dissertation explored the writings of cosmopolitan figures and how those identities negotiate the space between the local and the global. This theme is also the focus of her chapter “History as a Means for Power, ‘Otherization’ and Imperialism Through the Writings of Edward Said” in Paradoxical Citizenship: Edward Said. She is also interested in issues of identity and power relations, and how mis-informations can affect them, here at home.

Dr. Ramzy coordinates the department’s involvement in the university Honors College.