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Tim Barouch

Assistant Professor    Assistant Professor & Director of Debate    

Ph. D. Northwestern University (Communication); J.D. Northwestern University, B.A. University of Redlands (History)


Public Argument, Persuasion and Democratic Culture, Legal Communication


Tim Barouch joined the Georgia State faculty in 2015. His scholarship focuses on the role of public discourse in structuring political and social life with attention to the importance of citizenship, political judgment, and law. Barouch teaches courses in public controversy and politics, rhetorical theory, and practical argument. Barouch also directs debate activities at Georgia State, which include a suite of events designed to use public argument as forum to engage important community issues and a competitive team that has repeatedly qualified for the National Debate Tournament.


Barouch, Timothy, and Brett Ommen. “The Constrained Liberty of the Liberal Arts and Rhetorical Education.” Rhetoric Society Quarterly 47, no. 2 (2017): 158-179.

Accepted for publication:
“Networks, Norms, and the Problem of Capable Arguers.” Winkler, Carol, ed. Networking Argument. Selected Proceedings from the Twentieth Conference on Argumentation. Forthcoming 2017.

Projects under review:
Book project: The Child Before the Court: Liberal Citizenship and Judgment. Revise and resubmit stage, University of Alabama Press series in Rhetoric, Law and Humanities.

“The Asymmetrical Social Contract and the Judicial Character of Late Liberal Prudence: Paul v. Davis.” under Rhetoric and Public Affairs.