B.A. in Journalism


Currently, the journalism major is one of the most popular majors by undergraduate enrollment in the college. The media industries demand journalism graduates to be critical thinkers who can produce news and publicity materials efficiently across platforms and Georgia State’s curriculum equips them to do just that. Journalism seeks to prepare students to research efficiently and write concisely through varying mediums, while integrating developed interpersonal and professional skills.

Public Relations

Atlanta hosts one the country’s largest PR sectors, with regional offices here for many of the world’s firms with the greatest global reach. More than 15,000 PR professionals work in agencies, in corporate communication, or in the non-profit sector.


    • Concentration in Media & Society
    • Concentration in Public Relations
    • Concentration in Multimedia Reporting

Career Opportunities

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Additional Information

College and University Degree Requirements

In addition to the Major Eligibility Requirements for Journalism, students must fulfill the College of Arts and Sciences Degree Requirements (see section 3030) and the University Degree Requirements (see section 1400).
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