Research Centers

The Center for Global Information Studies

Center for Global Information StudiesIn the 21st century, information is one of the most contested resources in the international system. Social, political and business actors engaged in reshaping the global order, ranging from activists to nations to international organizations to terrorists and celebrities attempt to appropriate information flows and narratives to their advantage. The Center for Global Information Studies is an interdisciplinary initiative engaging with different modes of this contested appropriation by examining the processes, mechanisms, and actors behind it.

The Center for Research in Atypical Development and Learning

CRADL Logo ImageThe Center for Research on Atypical Development and Learning (CRADL) is an interdisciplinary center founded in 1998. It stimulates basic and applied research, and facilitates educational and outreach efforts, in areas related to atypical development and learning.

Each semester CRADL hosts formal and informal talks during which faculty, students, and the general public can listen to presentations on a wide range of research projects and community resources.